Queen of Spuds
C & C Concessions

Previous Next Would You Like Fries With That? Growing up the county fair was always the grand finale of summer. The smell of the animal barn, trash can corn and the aroma fresh-cut french fries were in the air. The midway was a big draw for everyone and at the center of it all was … Read more

UW Icon Pack
University of Wisconsin‍–‍Madison

Previous Next Simply Iconic Jump around for the clean lines in this beautifully functional UW icon pack. Meticulously built with the idea that line weight, pixel spacing, and breathability are of the utmost importance. Sporting over 250 icons that are used throughout the UW–Madison digital ecosystem. These icons go for the end zone and bring … Read more

University of Wisconsin‍–‍Madison

Previous Next Living in a Cyber World Is your toaster watching you? Don’t get paranoid, but it could be. We live in the era of connected things. Things that make our lives easier, but also open us up to the possibilities of cyberattacks. Welcome to Lockdown, the cybersecurity conference that addresses toaster spies and cyber … Read more